Pyrotec Waste to Energy 4.2 Waste to Energy Incinerator Range

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Pyrotec Waste to Energy 4.2

The established range of Pyrotec “H” series combustion units are designed specifically to burn general clean packaging materials comprising wood, paper and cardboard.

The H range is designed specifically for disposal of whole or part of wood pallets. Each unit is available with a heat recovery module for hot air application and is provided with a combustion air fan to assist with the combustion of the dense material.


Each unit is engineered to be robust, comprising of heavy fabricated structures, which are fully refractory lined and insulated throughout, ensuring heat losses are minimal thereby maximising heat recovery potential.

The unit can be fitted with heat exchangers for either hot water, steam or hot air usually integrated within the overall structure, and in-house design facilities are available to offer a complete heat recovery installation.

Peripheral support designs are available to handle and process waste as produced at the source, generally comprising shredding, transfer and storage of waste, which allows continuous feed for single shift period production or 24-hour heat recovery operation.

Most systems are of a standard format incorporating fully integrated control systems but specific requirements can also be incorporated.